Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Born To Tolerate...

Neither to be Frank
nor to mourn in Pain.
Dumb am I just Made-
tacitly, Born To Tolerate....

Neither to trounce the Scorn,
nor to bounce and march Along.
Crippled am I holding, tears to Shed
Tacitly to hold & bear the Headache.

As an ornament is to adorn a bridal Queen
As a current of water is to form a Stream
As a prick held in a thorn & so has always been,
So am I born with the same game
with no blunders - no claim,
Yet to Tolerate alone the whole Pain....

Each dawn brings a solitary Pain
& relays the dusk to fix the Chain.
Affixing the pillars of Silence-
Smashing the pillows in Vengeance
In a lonely world, rambling Alone
Washing away the joy with a murky foam,
I pretend to be innocent, though well known,
Just to hold back my hands and bow-
Confronting the heartless times of Woe.
Neither to express, nor to suppress
the pain I get-
Dumb am I just made-
Tacitly Born To Tolerate...

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