Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Heart Burns…

“My Heart burns in your reminiscence
Baby You don’t know...
My lamenting eyes melt to weep
Baby You don’t know.

My tears tell my story
Endowing my blood,
Slaughtering my glory
Baby You don’t know.

My gasping day and engulfed sleep
Borrows the pain, sorrows and strain
Baby You don’t know.

For you, so much I care
Really for the same do I swear
No matter how far how apart
Each instant you are in my heart
I still Love you
I still Miss you
Baby You don’t know…
O’ Baby You never know.”


  1. May ur stupid fairy read this!!!

  2. no use, patthar se pani nahi nikalte. . .

  3. nice poem, directly hits to heart