Thursday, July 29, 2010

Heart Speaks. . .

"when I cried to save me, she tried to kill me
when I asked to kill me, she saved me
when I said I Love You, she said she don't
when I learnt to live without her,
she said She can't survive without Me. . ."

"Just as a showpiece I placed to decorate my room, I want to keep you to decorate my LIFE forever. . . with no expectations - no demands."

"My Heart Is Burning To Get Bitterly Saline
Today Again I'm Missing That Someone Who Was Never Mine"

"When my eyes r open, U r d Problem of all Solutions....
when my eyes r closed, U r d Solution of all Problems ||"

"If u r mad after something (be it anything) & u r not ready to drop down even after 100+ trials, counsels, advices, in-calls. . . Keep going, continue ur madness. It's now d nature's indication - come on, increase ur speed & complete ur job."


  1. Dude where is it all taking you, I don't know.
    Loved the love lines especially - d saline one n d last one..
    May be she wont get u all what u want but she surely gave n developed pretty deep feelings which makes ur writings more impactful and intresting :)
    Wish u luck