Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Darling Sweetie - Shy

Cutie Pie – O’ Cutie Pie-
My darling sweetie shy.
Lost in the world so dark,
You made me cry a lot.
I missed your smile so charismatic
chubby cheeks & eyes so magnetic.
Your absence made my life so dry.
Happy to see you back my Sweetie-Shy
Sweetie-Shy O’ Sweetie-Shy
My darling Cutie-Pie.

Cutie-Pie – O’ Cutie-Pie,
My darling Sweetie-Shy.
My breath impedes & nerves go numb,
Yippee! You’re back to my sight.
Strives my heart to spill out & jump,
For you’re my air, you’re my sprite.                                 (sprite = fairy)
Deity of long hair & looks so native-coy,
My soul dances to celebrate the joy.
Time to rejoice the sight so cheery,
Yeah it’s time to sink in back span memory.
Sweetie-Shy, O’ Sweetie-Shy
My darling Cutie-Pie.

Cutie-Pie – O’ Cutie-Pie
My darling Sweetie-Shy
Welcome to the world so heartwarming,
that heaven & this soil so love-starving.
God made us with that one motive
‘to love-to share’ & not to live so subjective.
When life’s calling you to live your life,
how can you hold back to sort what’s wrong-what’s right?
Sweetie-Shy, just believe once what your heart says,
& see it would take you to life where HEAVEN stays.
Subject so known but feeling so new,
Life’s been always beautiful, it never screw.
Think upon Cutie-Pie, O’ Cutie-Pie
My darling Sweetie-Shy.

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