Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baby ! I remember the moment. . .

‘Life’s at stake, calling for a break
Memories I hold, time’s to unfold’

Baby I remember the moment,
I saw you last.
Those cute eyes, that chubby face,
All went down
& you were leaving the place.
I was there behind you,
Waiting for your final embrace.
But you never looked back
Known of the fact,
That someone’s eyes are wet
And that someone wants to stop you.
But you never cared & marched along.
Lying lifeless on the ground,
When I wanted to shout
And call your name.
And I remember, yes I remember,
Destiny had played a game
And I could not.
And then you disappeared
Leaving behind your fragrance.
I could still smell your presence,
& felt you in my arms.
I could still see you in my eyes,
& dissolved in my breathe.
I saw your name thundering in skies
& my heart stopped to surrender.
Baby, you never were gone,
But I was left on that place all alone.
Baby I still remember
the moment, I saw you last.
And my heart keeps moaning
For it knows what it wants.
To never wave, & never to say bye
To my love, to my gone past..
Baby I still remember
the moment, I saw you last.