Thursday, January 31, 2013

Safety Dudes

Swinging in hammock of precaution, we sing every song of safety
Availing the equips, destroying delusions, we hymn every mantra of safety
For we do the modern man, know the real core –
Energized are we, so mature.
To sing every song, always we seek true lyrics of safety.
Younger the blood we, the L&tite, are the modern safety dudes

Insights so clear, not enforceable, it’s not a Rule
Step by step, we have made this behavior so Cool..

Our Aim’s too high, yet we don’t take a careless fly
Upper the upper we go, always with responsible echo
Resistible some conditions, yet we ensure safety ever.
Caring in attitude, so responsible are we
Our Aim’s high in terms of development & in money
Resolutions we make to advance with no compromises to safety
Evolving the natural etiquettes of precaution, we remain always in glee.
V  A  L  U  E

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