Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lighting the lamp of happiness Diwali- 2014

Holding the murk inside, no light was lit ever in the outer world,
Ample is the need to wake up & kindle the spiritual pearl.
Prosperity let be in our attitude, let’s rejoice our being,
Peace be in our lives, let’s chant our strenuous hymn.
You’ comes before ‘Me’ – yes, the message of this “DIWALI”.
Diwali is the festival of lights – ‘what’s the DIYA of our life’?
In the perpetual world so fast – ‘what’s the JYOTI of our eyes’?
What’s the goal & what’s the vision?
Answers to these, let us find out this Diwali.
Let’s light the lamp of our soul this Diwali,
Inside…from deep inside, let’s light the lamp of our soul this Diwali,
Tomorrow is the world, what we make of it today,
On this joyous occasion, let’s strive to do one good to others every day.
HR being the noblest task – so blessed are we to work for PEOPLE.
Rare is the privilege - let’s equip ourselves to serve the PEOPLE better.
Dwelling in good, shunning the evil - be our motive.
Equal be our treatment to all deprived, being so receptive.
Prayers for the fellow beings for this joyous festivity,
To all amazing people of HR & their family, wishing you the Happiest DIWALI


Lighting the lamp of happiness,
Let’s dedicate this Diwali to our fellowmen.
Spreading the words of love so pious,
Let’s celebrate this Diwali in spirit of peace & wisdom.
In a world with so lovely people,
Let’s strive to blossom a flower in every heart.
May Goddess of wealth showers enormous chattel,
Let’s strive to set this day, our life’s a new start. 

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