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Last Friday….When I Met God’

What is God? What does He look like? Where can I find Him?..etc…etc. These were the questions that kept splashing in my mind quite often. Unlike other ordinary questions, these questions never provided any definite answers that really could quench the thirst of my eagerness. I got different answers from different people. Every answer was the outcome of their attitude and ideology. They adhered to their opinion as per their own beliefs. But none of them were clear about the fact.

However, it was only on last Friday when something unusual happened to me that stirred me up. That incident cleared the clouds of my doubts that I was carrying since years. Now let me introduce to you what actually happened that Friday. In fact it had really been a murky day for me right since I got up in morning. It was a Friday morning and that dusk had brought nasty news with itself. After getting up from the bed I turned to see the newspaper, my eyes got stuck to the headline that read-“ An IPS student dies; Body found on railway track” As the news was very disheartening I phoned my friends to get the detail and found, the boy was our senior 6th Sem. BBA of our college.

Reaching college I found there was nothing unusual, everything was as normal as it used to be. No one seemed beleaguered there. At 8:30 AM my classes were on. Teachers were on their lectures but I was finding no taste there. Rather I leaned back my chair and passed the whole lecture brooding over my past mishaps. The morning bad news had forced me to clutch my past reminiscence lingering on me all the time. That took me somewhere else, not resembling to the morning news but to my own painful situations encountered in my life. My wound turned fresh…..the day when I missed my 12th exam’s chemistry paper just because I saw a young boy met with an accident and needed an immediate treatment. I put aside my exam and took that boy to the hospital. Doctors told that there has occurred a paucity of blood in his body, if soon if he isn’t supplied with blood, his life may be in danger. Looking at the exigency of the situation, I had to offer my blood to him. I had full faith in God that if I am doing a noble job, He wouldn’t let miss my exam. But alas! I got too late and there was no one to listen to me. The authorities didn’t permit me to give the exam ……and no help came from God. I got ruined my life doing a novel task.

These all lamenting thoughts were weakening me. At every periodic instant my mind was placing a QUESTION mark (?) on the existence of God. After two lectures, I bunked the other lectures and caught the bus back to my home. On the bus full way to my home, I kept pondering over my past full of painful memories….I was greatly troubled by the apathetic attitude of my parents towards me. I could never feel them very close to me. The more I respected and loved them, the less they showed their concern for me. I had got famished of the need of my self-recognition in home and thereby in society. I was in urgent need of the Godhead’s support. I really had no words to say but mental anguish was killing me. Reaching home I had my lunch and feeling a bit monotonous, I preferred to sleep before taking up my college assignments in hand.

“Thwint-Thwint SMS…” purred my mobile phone which woke me up. I took the mobile and read the message. It was the most disheartening message. To my utter disappointment it was my lover’s message where she had written to end up her all relations with me & warned not to contact her again. Now, I had no option but to go to God for his help, but where could I find him. In fact I was fed up of all the sufferings of the life. I had started loosing faith in God. Everything seemed fake to me. if God is there , why don’t he come to help us , If he will not respond , who is going to listen to us . Circled up with those thoughts I sat down to spend sometime on the Internet. Gradually I logged in my G-mail a/c & found that there was no new mail. The moment I was going to sign out, the power supply went off. The room got dark, fan moved to a stand still position. But to my surprise, my computer was still ON, though there was no U.P.S. I checked the switch board and went out to confirm, but the whole locality had gone dark. It was actually power breakdown. But what power had put my computer ON was out of my understandings. Before I could think further, I saw a green light on the screen notifying that someone was online. I checked out to see it was our Sarabjeet Ma’am, the Computer teacher of our class. I was so troubled that I liked to chat with her. I asked if she was free and the answer came ‘Yes’.
Here I would like to mention those excerpts of that long chat which changed my life to a 360°.
 After exchanging some formal greetings directly I put up her question. “ Ma’am does God exist”?
 Sarabjeet Ma’am: It’s an uncertain question, but I’m happy to know that you are enthusiastic? Amresh, of course God exists, but not in the form, you believe. He has neither any body nor any face. It’s a divine energy that signifies his existence. It’s a Supernatural Power that can only be felt, but never seen.

Amresh:  But …….. Ma’am then what’s the meaning of temple and God’s incarnations like Ram, Krishna and Jesus Christ.

Sarabjeet Ma’am :  It’s the perception of we people that we consider their (Ram, Krishna…) greatness, Godly . They were great meditators of their time. They attained Enlightment because of their own devotional commitments. They concentrated all their senses towards that Supernatural Power and offered It their body and soul. So, anyone can achieve that greatness, even you. Yes son, even you can be called God, but on a condition if you perform devotional tasks like meditation, offering your whole to that Supernatural Power, becoming a part of It.
            And about Temples you asked, son like you know air is everywhere, but we need a stirring stuff to feel it (Like Fan). So, as the effect of Supernatural Power, that is everywhere but to feel its presence need temples, so that we can concentrate our mind and focus our all senses to it. And if you are strong enough & if you think you posses enough of will power, you need no Temples or any Idols inside. You can establish association with that Supernatural Power (God) from anywhere in the cosmos. Several religions are even following this without Idols.
   Amresh :      Oh ………. is that so , well that’s great to know . But Ma’am please specify what’s that… supernatural power?

    Sarabjeet Ma’am :      Well that’s no Vedic term nor from Deity’s vocabulary. De facto, that’s absolutely a scientific term. Just like any other Principle, Law or Theorem of physics, it’s that physical power which the scientists are unable to define till now. Though we human beings don’t know about this power but we can experience that it’s this Supernatural Power that controls this cosmos, all other energies likes Solar, Electric, Sound, even our soul are just the subordinates to it. Remember the word ‘GOD’ itself carries the meaning of it
                                                                             G = Generator   (alias-Brahma)
                                                                             O = Operator    (alias-Vishnu)
                                                                             D = Destroyer   (alias-Shiva)
Amresh: You’ve really cleared the clouds of my doubts. So we can say that it’s not God who give sufferings………….

Sarabjeet Ma’am: Of course you’re right. We human beings are ourselves responsible for our sufferings; however we too are helpless on that sometimes, inasmuch as life by nature is very complicated, unconventional & uncertain. Some things aren’t in our hand. We have to take as it comes to us. Sufferings are natural and are a kind of negative energies, which can again be overcome by the positive energy released by that Supernatural Power. Our surrounding has both the energies; we should use the positive energy judiciously to win over negative ones.

      Amresh: Okay Ma’am, nonetheless of these facts, It really hurts when someone dear to us leaves us, either when they die or when they break any relationship with us.

(I asked this question with immense emotions though indirectly.)

   Sarabjeet Ma’am : Son …Son ...Son!! Think in a broad way. These are the essential parts of your life. You can’t avoid or runaway from those. These are the opportunities provided to you by the Supernatural Power to grow emotionally. Live with the feelings of Detachment. No one is yours, you are no one’s. All of us owe our life to that unknown Supernatural Energy. So we should leave the past & dwell in present to foresee the future. Parting away from loved ones is one such truth that no one can avoid. People consider Ram, Krishna as lords (Ishwar). They too when incarnated on this Earth had to face such situations. Although they didn’t get diverted from their path (regular life) and so they are called ‘Gods’. So, whatever happens is good as usual.
          The positive acts (noble jobs) generates the positive energy, the fruit of which is delivered one day or the other.

Amresh: Hhmm…Carrying the murk & woes of the past isn’t a witty act…yes now I’ve understood. But Ma’am does that mean we should not pray God?

Sarabjeet Ma’am: Now when you’ve understood there is some undefined Supernatural Energy (Power) that controls the Cosmos, you will need to associate yourself with It. To get closer to it, you will need some ways. So why not through Prayer! Obviously Prayer is as important as your life is. When you pray, your soul i.e., the atom (the subordinate energy) gets charged and that paves a way to link up with that Supernatural Power. It’s never necessary to pray any idol. If you see or feel the effect of that Supernatural Power in your book, mobile or bike (which is quite difficult), go on with them. What’s important is how you Perceive, Concentrate and Associate.

Amresh : Thanks Ma’am, today I was really disheartened and deluded. You have really unveiled the truth of Nature. Once again thanks for sparing your time.

Sarabjeet Ma’am: Don’t say that. You are always welcome.
                   Look son, life is a magnificent journey. Accept whatever natural Power offers to you. Unlike other common people don’t ever pray God calling Him your Master and yourself His Servant. Though there is always a Power superior to us but we too are just the part of that Supreme Power. When you consider yourself the servant of any Master, de facto you develop the inferiority –superiority complexes. However Union with the Almighty (Supernatural Power) isn’t possible in these complexes. Union with That is possible only when you consider yourself as an indispensable part of that Power.

          So take care
          Follow my guidance and spread it among your friends.
          Leave your baseless doubts and questions.
You don’t have to worry, for there’s Something present to control everything perfectly.
So do your duty, you’ll find your ways.
Good Night.

Before I could write anything in response, my computer’s power turned OFF. I saw around, it was still dark in the room. I came out of the room, again even after 2 hours the locality was powerless and dark. But what was that power that kept my computer ON for those 2 hours of chatting that will be a mystery for me forever.

The next two days were holidays as usual. When on Monday I reached college, the 1st thing I did was to meet Sarabjeet Ma’am. I went to her cabin and said, “Thank you Ma’am last Friday night you really imparted knowledgeable stuffs in that chat”. At this I found her quite perplexed. She told me that she had been to another city since last 3 days where she didn’t even touch any Computer, so no question of chatting. Listening that I was taken aback and very swiftly I rushed to my computer Lab. to check that chat. However I couldn’t log in as the server was down. I enquired the Lab. teacher; he told that the Broadband Server was down since last 3 days and will remain down till next 2 days, due to some technical problems. Now what could be more astonishing than that I too used Broadband connection and I could use the internet even when the server was down!

          So friends that was my story all about! Just imagine how one can be able to chat on Internet to a person who was actually not there to chat, in a condition when there is no electric power and even no Internet connectivity. Now what would you call it? My delusion or some sort of Divine Act. Anyways what be the Truth…I got the Answers of my questions and I am fully contented. That day I needed Him the most….and that’s what happened.

So the one thing was very clear from the above incident that there is some Supernatural Power whom we also alias as GOD, always present around us. It makes us feel its Presence wherever and whenever we need It….at the Right Place and at the Right Time…and that’s what I got to believe ‘Last Friday…When I Met God’

(Written for college magazine in 2009)

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